Art Basel, the globally acclaimed art fair, is poised to grace the vibrant shores of Miami Beach, infusing the dynamic city with an unparalleled burst of creative energy. Over the years, Art Film Group has had the honor of contributing to this prestigious event, which stands as a global beacon for art enthusiasts, collectors, and connoisseurs alike. Art Basel Miami Beach transcends geographical boundaries, uniting galleries from five continents in a spectacular showcase of mesmerizing masterpieces and cutting-edge contemporary art.

Art Film Group showcases a curated collection of highlighted projects, featuring creatively designed sets and original props that have captivated the hearts of countless attendees and vendors.

Set Nespresso: The Essence of Tradition and Innovation

Elevating the essence of luxury and sophistication, the exclusive lounge for Nespresso is a meticulously crafted masterpiece. The lavish display, intricately fashioned from premium wood, exudes an aura of timeless elegance. Its shelves adorned with the finest selection of Nespresso products. A striking touch of modernity is woven into the design through the meticulously etched Nespresso logo, tastefully crafted in sleek, translucent plexiglass, casting an enchanting play of light and shadow.

Nespresso AFG

Vice Stage: Bold Fusion of Energetic Elements

Embracing an urban aesthetic, a striking yellow plastic wall emblazoned with the client’s logo, Vice Media Group, takes center stage, infusing the surroundings with an electric energy that effortlessly catches the eye. Complementing this urban exuberance, the DJ booth, crafted in raw, unrefined wood, introduces a rustic yet refined element, adding an organic charm that harmonizes with the natural allure of the colonial architecture.

Ruinart Set: Minimalist Furniture to the Impeccably Crafted Design

Art Film Group collaborated with this well-known client, from United Kingdom, to bring to life a visionary concept that intertwined the artistry of a renowned artist with the effervescent elegance of Ruinart champagne. The set creation radiates an aura of pristine sophistication that was adorned with elements of understated luxury. The result is a masterpiece that not only reflects the client’s innovative approach but also captures the meaning of refined opulence and artistic finesse in perfect harmony.

Ruinart Set AFG
UBS Holding Area AFG

UBS Container Registration: The Art of Crafting an Imaginative Holding Area from Scratch

The client, UBS, provided us with an empty container, seeking our expertise in transforming it into a welcoming registration and holding area. Our team‘s ingenuity brought the interior to life with carefully crafted cabinets, while the addition of a charming wooden deck outside provided an inviting space to bask in the Miami weather, complemented by thoughtfully selected furniture for ultimate comfort and relaxation.


Evident from our experience of collaboration with Art Basel, Art Film Group holds an esteemed reputation in the realm of art exhibitions. Whether you’re a vendor, distinguished guest, enthusiastic participant, or an avid admirer of this global art extravaganza, allow us to elevate your experience through our exquisite sets, captivating stages, and bespoke props. Reach out to us, and let our expertise illuminate your presence, making you shine amidst the artistic brilliance of this prestigious event.

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